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* Diego Maradona has a wine with a number 10 and the Argentinian flag on the label. The initial production was 50,000 bottles.

* Torrontés is the emblematic Argentinian white grape. It is solely cultivated in Argentina and is especially abundant in La Rioja province.

* Because of the height of the vineyards, the small amount of rainfall in the area and the high exposure to the sun of the crop Argentinian wines, especially the reds, have a greater antioxidant content. In these conditions the seeds produce more antioxidants which are then passed onto the wine.

* Malbec is the finest and most cultivated grape in Argentina.

* Argentinian Malbec was hailed the world over and classified by important oenologists as one of the ?best wines in the world?.

* Malbec vines are cultivated at a great height above sea-level which helps the fruit to grow a thicker than normal skin. This generates a greater accumulation of polyphenols which have health benefits, especially for the heart.

* Cafayate, in La Rioja, it is a valley surrounded by a ring of mountains at a height of 1700 metres above sea-level, with more than 300 days of sun and a wide range of temperatures.